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drowning in sorrow

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Divorce [Mar. 18th, 2009|11:58 pm]
drowning in sorrow



I don’t think I know us anymore.

Who are we now?

You and I?



Blood spilled?

Obliteration incarnate?


Who are we now?

Blood and muscle and bone

Contained in separate packages?


Oh sure,

Parts of us combined.

Our hearts, for example.


But who are we now?

I don’t think I know us anymore.

I wonder if I ever said your name


Without thinking I could change you

Into something good for me.

Something less painful.


I don’t know who you anymore.

Who the fuck are you?

And where are we now?



From where we wanted to be,

I guess. I’m wondering


If we ever wanted to be there at all.

And if not, I suppose

We have nothing to fear now.